Fires, Drought, Volcanoes– Claim Psychics

We are just concluding the Year of the Pig which supposedly brought calamities, and now entering the Year of the Earth so we can say good-bye to floods and storms and look forward instead to fires, dought, and possible volcanic eruptions– at least that is waht psychics are predicting and we all know they are probably more on target than George Bush predictions of peace and democracy spreading through the world. Feng shui pra cticioners and soothsayers predict that at least three volcanoes will soon be spewing their lava. Master Tan predicts there will be a dry season which most probably will bring famine to areas of the world.

Master Tan had a few words about politicians. the politicians “may appear to be quiet on the surface but they are scheming their dirty tricks and their will be a leader who breaks his word.” I really don’t know much about the good Master Tan, but, I think he really doesn’t know much about American politics except for is comments about “dirty tricks,” and breaking one’s word. We can look forward, not to an eruption of volcanoes spewing lava, but to an eruption of words spewing hot air all over America. The real issue for Americans is will the hot air stifle rain from dropping and create the expected drought in this country?