Fires Of Hate And Anger Smolder In Kenya Slums

Alex Ndegwa, of the East African Standard, wandered through the slums of Nairobi where people huddled in their shanties, fearing to leave and face the prospect of being hacked to pieces by those belonging to another tribal group. Kenya has collapsed in a blood bath of anger and confusion, all caused by President Kibaki’s grab for power. Smoke from the shanties billows into clear skies, but Kibaki refuses to leave the presidential mansion and pretends that all is well if only parliament would get back to the business of passing legislation. Gunfire echoes on the streets, mobs emerge, police converge on them, there is fighting, shots, and the mob disappears in the distance while slum dwellers huddle in fear. Mama Chege asked Ndegwa, why is this all happening, she cast her vote, but now votes no longer appear to be of importance due to the fraud perpetrated by the Kibaki government. In the meantime, over 300 are dead, including many children.

Raila Odinga, the defeated leader of the Orange Democratic Movement, has made a sensible suggestion. Establish an interim government which would have three months to calm things down and then hold a new election that would be supervised by outside forces. He even offered to meet and discuss the plan with President Kibaki, but, as of this point, has not received a response. Kibaki refuses to recognize that he is the author of the problem and the solution lies in having a fair and democratic election.