First British Cyber Bullying Trial

A housewife who created a phoney MySpace account that she used to send hostile emails to a neighbor’s 13 year old girl was charged with cyber-bullying that resulted in the young girl’s killing herself. Lori Drew is charged with posing as a fictitious 16 year-old boy named, “Josh Evans,” as part of a plot to establish a friendship with the vulnerable girl who had a history of depression and was being subjected to bullying at school. Ms. Drew used the MySpace account to “tease, embarrass, humiliate, make fun and hurt” the girl who was suicidal and boy crazy. She even told the girl “the world would be a better place” without her presence.

The sick Ms. Drew established the MySpace account because she thought Megan Meier was spreading false rumors about her own daughter. Ms.Drew justified her behavior on the basis that, “as a mother, you have to protect your daughter.” Her lawyer argues people constantly create false identities and the jury should not learn about the 13 year-old girl’s death.