First Ever Gay March In Lithuania

Lithuania is a solid Christian nation which does not ordinarily allow gay people to wander the streets being gay since it prefers somber, taciturn types who understand that God made everyone straight as an arrow. After a lower court ruled illegal a planned Gay march in Vilnius, the nation’s top court cited European Union laws pertaining to the rights of gays and allowed the first ever gay parade to proceed. About 500 men walked the streets in order to express their joy at being able to openly express love of one another in a nation that prefers being unloved if you are a male and your partner is a male. The 500 were met by over 2,000 anti-gays shouting hate and venom. Among expressions hurled at gays were, “down with HomoNazis.”

One can only assume counter demonstators do not know much about Nazism since the rule of Adolf Hitler to be gay was a crime and thousands died in concentration camps.