First Girl Friend Upset In France?

Ah, l’amour, if nothing else in the world is OK, we always have the presence of love in our lives. OK, so you lack food, but if you possess, l’amour, then life is still worth living. The French people may be criticized for many things, but their attitude toward, l’amour is always sensible and worthy of emulation by the people of America. French President Francois Hollande is not married, but he does have a female to host his social activities. Her name is Valerie Trievweilei and she is the “First Girl Friend”of the land. She hosts social functions and lives in the Elysee palace where she has her own rooms. It is unclear if the president and she have separate bedrooms. However, she is now in a state of shock over learning that her boyfriend has a new First Girlfriend who is actress Julie Gayet. Oh, Ms. Gayet does not reside in the Elysee palace but has her own apartment which is visited by the president when he is not in the Elysee palace.

I am somewhat confused as to whether being a “First Girlfriend” is an official job requiring confirmation by the legislature or is the power to bestow that title residing in the hands of the president. In any case, Hollande offers a good example to Barack Obama. In this time of stress and turmoil with the US Congress, how about a nice, juicy love affair which will distract attention and shift it to daily discussions on Fox News about who Obama is screwing when he is not screwing the American people?

America needs a Screwgate since the Bridgegate simply does not have the power to engage the entire country. How about learning from France?