First Hand Report Of Shooting At US Embassy

Cinar Kiper, a reporter with the Turkish Daily News, raced to the scene of the shooting at the US embassy, arriving about a half hour after the encounter which resulted in the death of three Turkish policemen and three assailants. Kiper was struck by the “sense of grim normalcy” and the lack of shock on the part of anyone who was standing outside the embassy. “Despite the disappointment of the mass media, the mood was more calm than confused.” Eye witnesses told him they saw the attackers move on the police and believed they were firing pistols and at least one had a shotgun. On eye witness said three bearded men lay next to the police and about four other policemen were lying on the ground with wounds. Most of the crowd was still waiting on line to enter the embassy for their visas and were blocked from leaving by the crowd of police vehicles.

Ambassador Wilson of the United States did not believe the shooting had any connection with the recent round up of members of the Ergenekon organization which was planning a coup to overthrow the Muslim led government of Turkey. The Ergenekon plan was creating confusion in order to portray the nation as on the brink of disaster. It will be interesting as further information emerges whether the attack came from Ergenekon or whether it was connected to al-Qaeda.