First Jews Take Over World, Now Muslims Doing It!

I was born in 1930 at a time when there were numerous magazines and newspapers spreading fear of a plot by international Jewish Communists and bankers and Rabbis whose sold goal was to take over the world and make everyone obey the dictates of Jewish Communist bankers. Ah, the years have gone by, and now, instead of Jews, we have the ever present, Muslims to fear. Muslims represent less than ten percent of those in the European Union, but to fear-mongers that even makes it more certain Muslims are trying to take over the EU. In Sweden, Bjom Soder, secretary of the Swedish Democratic Party(now, there is a name which is the exact opposite of party goals)warned the people of his country of a Muslim plot to gain power. According to him, the Muslim religion, is a “political ideology disguised as a religion” and he warned that “if we don’t take the Islamification that is taking place in Western Europe right now seriously, maybe history will repeat itself.” After all, according to Soder, mosques are sprouting up like mushrooms, all over the place and today there is one mosque and tomorrow there are only mosques and the churches are gone!

The rhetoric of hate never dies. One day, the Jews, the next day the Roma, the next day the Muslims, and who knows, maybe the next day it will be the French or the Swedes who are trying to take over the world! However, if I were the Swedish Democrat Party, I would be on guard about the Christian Scientists. One never knows.

  • Mark @ Israel

    Yes, at first the Jews conquered nations then the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Britons, Americans and the rest followed. This is a cycle of conquering and being conquered for power. A powerful country usually conquers smaller and weaker nations. I think it won’t be impossible that sooner or later Muslims will rule.

  • Amir

    In Christian Countries women are turning to women for love, and men do men. That’s the reason reproduction is slow and gradually will die. In muslim countries where men are allowed to merry four wives and have 40 girlfriends, all they do is make babies. Naturally by birth, if this trend continues, muslims will take over the world. One major problem that has slowed the growth of islam is that muslims keep killing each other and that will continue nonstop and finally they will destroy each other and no need for any other religions to participate; that is GOD’s will. GOD did not create islam. Islam is a fake religion. GOD only sent Profit Moses and his son Jesus to lead people to love one another no killing, and no hatred. Something that muslims do not believe in. How can anyone go against GOD’s will and be successful to take over the world. This is like saying over GOD’s dead body! That would never happens, believe me muslims!