First Prostitute?

Bettina Wulff is the wife of former German president Christian Wulff. He married her in his fifties but she was only 36 and quite a good looking woman. Naturally, anytime a beautiful young woman marries an old fart, rumor mills will begin twirling into operation. Within months stories appeared that she once worked as an “escort” or was engaged in you-know-what.

Her husband had to resign due to charges of misuse of money which only accelerated stories about his wife. After all, he is old, she is young and gorgeous, add one plus one and the only conclusion is that he needed money to keep her being married to him.

I have no idea as to whether she was or is or never was. But, it becomes tiresome having such stories and rumors spread because an older man marries a younger beautiful woman. This is written by an 82 year old man who never ceases gazing fondly at  gorgeous women.  And, I don’t have to spend a penny!

By the way how come no one writes stories about the prostitutes in Congress who daily sell their souls?