First TEA Party, Now UK Pensioners After Obma

These are not good days for President Obama. On one hand, Republicans, FOX News, the Tea Party and every right wing kook in the media is blasting him for failure to end the oil spill, on the other hand, financial experts and old people in the United Kingdom are blasting him for being nasty to poor old BP, a company which is beloved by investors in England. The stock price of BP shares has dropped at least 40% in value which undoubtedly angers those who invested their money in what they considered to be a “safe” company. As the president tells Americans he is seeking an ass to kick, British financial experts are furious that his foot is pointed in the direction of Great Britain. Mark Dampier of the financial company, Hargreaves, blasted President Obama for “playing to the gallery” which “does not bring a solution any closer. Obama has his foot on the throat of British pensioners. There is no point in bashing BP all the time. It’s not helpful,” and, by golly, it sure hurts dividends being paid out.

In addition to losing share worth, BP will have to pay to the American people about $20 to $40 billion to cover the cost of their stupidity. President Obama was more than helpful to BP. He gave them weeks, then months to clean up their mistake but all the incompetents could do was make things worse. They are lucky if they only get a kick in the ass.

Sorry, pensioners, don’t look across the Atlantic for the cause of your financial woes, look toward London.