Five Blocks Of Separation

Donald Trump, the noted real estate tycoon, has offered a solution to the current impasse about building a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero of 9/11 fame. He offered to purchase the real estate, move the proposed mosque five blocks north and thus end any discussion of this issue. I was interested why he wanted to move the mosque five blocks north. I thought it was six degrees of separation, not five. I assume if those who died on 9/11 knew Muslims were not two blocks away, but a more distant seven, it would ensure they have a better time in heaven. I have been told by my informants in heaven that fierce debates have raged over the past month in which a majority of discussants seek to have the mosque moved closer rather than further. They argue a mosque either on or near the edge of Ground Zero reduces incentive by terrorists to again bomb the area. I guess it takes people in heaven to be analytical and their conclusion makes sense.

We support the ideas of our colleagues in heaven. Move the damn mosque to dead center of Ground Zero and end concern about another bombing!