Five Million Can Die In Zimbabwe!

The tragedy of Zimbabwe gets worse with each passing day. The United Nations World Food Program is warning unless something is done to get the nation back in some semblance of rationality, nearly five million people will face the prospect of starvation in the coming months. The megalomaniac President Mugabe earlier this year banned all foreign aid which delayed initiating programs to feed starving people. His decision to drive out of the country white farmers and give their farms to his cronies rather than to experienced black farmers transformed a productive farm economy into a basket case of incompetence.

Officials of the Southern African Development Community(SADC) asked former South African president Mbeki to mediate the impasse between Mugabe and the Movement for Democratic Change which won the presidential election only to have it stolen by the president. Mbeki has been unable to persuade his old friend, Mugabe, to enter into a genuine power-sharing arrangement. The government is paralyzed and no foreign nations will supply aid to Zimbabwe until power is shared. Cry for the beloved country of Zimbabwe.