Flagpole In Our Midst

OK, the flagpole is not the greatest issue in our lives, but the fact an argument ever emerged about flying the American flag reveals a great deal about the nature of our society in the year 2009. He was a retired colonel from the United States army who happened to win the Congressional Medal of Honor during World War II, and for some strange reason–to some of his fellow people living in Sussex Square neighborhood– having a flag pole that flew the American flag violated the aesthetic sensibilities of people. Actually, the name of the colonel is not important, the location in America where this incident ocurred is not important, but, what is important is a group of American citizens thought a flagpole flying the American flag was not appropriate.

I grant we have come a long way from Valley Forge or Gettysburg or D-Day, but isn’t the question where have we arrived at?

Question: I wonder how many of those living in Sussex Square have ever served their nation in combat?