Flash! Discovery Shakes Republican Party!

A new fossil discovery may well help shake up the current list of who seeks teh Republican nomination for president. The fossil was  partly ape, with a tiny brain,  a chimp sized body and ape-like heels, but it had human lobng thumbs, short fingers and an advanced ankle and a brain beginning to change. We now have conclusive evidence that Republicans are descended from this primitive human who was making the transition from the status of being an ape.

How else can we explain brains that insist by firing millions of workers the end result is to have  more workers? How else  can we explain ending health care for people leads to  better health unless the brain uttering this nonsense belonged to a primitive transition creature who was ending their ape category?

If you look closely at Palin, Bachmann, Perry and others it is clear their brain is more akin to an 8 guinea pig power one.