Flash! Kim Jong il Elected Head Of North Korea!

In a surprising development from North Korea the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly unanimously voted to elect their beloved leader, Kim Jong il to another term as the head of the nation. The populace of the country was shocked to learn that Kim Jong il who rarely is seen these days and when he does appear the man looks a bit frail was the choice of just about everyone in the government. The beloved leader of the beloved government has been leading his beloved people in order to ensure that each and every one does not get enough food because it is only through starvation that people keep physically fit. The Supreme Leader wants his beloved people to have nice flat stomachs. Of course, he comes across as sort of a pudgy little man but he needs the extra fat due to the extraordinary manner in which he has to spend his days worrying about his beloved people.

The Supreme Leader of the Supreme legislature told his Supreme people the recent launch of the Supreme rocket fell into the Supreme ocean just as was planned. After all, how many nations can shoot supreme rockets that go no where and be greeted by thunderous applause from their supreme people?