FLASH! Maybe Election Over!!

There are unconfirmed reports that in the recent presidential election a person named Barack Obama may have won. Election results continue to arrive and he is now at the point of having attained 50.75% of the votes which gives him a margin of over four million more than a man named Mitt Romney secured. Mitt is now down to 47.56%. Of course, this is only logical given that Mitt believes 47% of the people in America are moochers who want  government handouts. Oh, it means Obama had a wider margin of victory than did George Bush in 2004.

Two of the few “black”Republicans, AllenWest and Mia Love, are still upset, after all, a black man won and how come they did not win. Allen is a former member of the armed forces and he is a fighter. I assume in 2016 he will still be in the fight for victory. Oh, there is an unconfirmed report that Clint Eastwood is challenging the Obama victory on grounds we have yet to hear from the chair constituency.