Flash! News Reports Indicate REPUBOBAMA In White House!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there lived a nice dark skinned young man in the city of Chicago and he wanted to ensure that poor people had food on the table and a place to sleep. Well, the years passed, the young man decided he wanted power, and so he cast his name into the political ring of money. Men and women from Wall Street and Hedge Funds flocked to his banner. Millions of poor people hailed him as a leader of liberalism. Well, some where along the road to power, he decided the only reason to seek power was to get power. He surrounded himself with missionaries from Wall Street who preached the doctrine of salvation through lower taxes. One day, he threw himself on the ground, lifted his eyes toward Wall Street and took a solemn oath to uphold all Hedge Funds in order to bring prosperity to sinful America which had a large deficit.

The young man once worked with the homeless and powerless but now decided cutting dollars from their needs would–in the long run– get them all jobs and big houses. The now middle age man threw himself into the struggle to reduce the deficit even if it meant more unemployed and more hungry folk. In the long run, they would be fed and housed. One midnight, he realized that he had a job and could keep the job if only Wall Street folk forked over the money.

Some say the ghost of a former liberal haunts the White House, but alas, we suspect the man who was never was in heart.