FLASH! Obama Is A JEW!!

Barack Obama has confronted the issue of what is his religion for nearly a decade. Latest polls reveal only 49% of Americans know that he was raised as a Christian while one of three Republicans insist that he is a Muslim. In order to avoid further confusion, Barack Obama has decided to convert to the Jewish religion. After all, Jesus was born a Jew, lived a Jew and died a Jew, and since Obama likes this Jew he decided if he truly is a follower of Christ, why not  go all the way and become a Jew?

I assume right wing Jewish Republicans will now have to reconsider whether they want to vote against the first Jew running for president or support that Mormon fellow.

Flash! Mitt Romney in a surprising move, renounced his Mormon religion and converted to Judaism. He will go to Israel in order to prove  that he is the only Jew running for president who made a conversion in the Holy Land!!