Flash: There Are Gay Basketball Players!

There is war, there is famine, there are people dying due to fighting between people, but a more explosive issue just exploded in the world-a gay basketball player! Jason Collins, who plays center for the Washington Wizard basketball team informed the world that he is of the  gay persuasion. Some sport newscasters are furious at the thought of a gay man on the court whose body actually touches that of a “normal person”of the basketball persuasion. We can only assume that since aircraft controllers are back at work, the media needs something to become concerned about in our lives. Yes, Virginia, not only is there Santa Claus, but there are gay basketball players in existence.

Flash, just in, reports of a lesbian basketball player! Wow, I never realized that lesbian women played basketball player, I just thought men and women were straight. OH well, Fox News now has something to discuss and warn the American people about -gay and lesbian folk who play ball. Now, that I know this, I can go to sleep tonight.