Flawed Elections-OK-If You Are On Our Side!

A new report by Human Rights Watch denounces hypocritical western nations for accepting flawed election results if the winner turns out to be a friend of the “good guys.” Last year Nigeria experienced an election where there was widespread and credible accusations of election violence and vote-rigging, but not a word of protest emanated from western governments because the winner was viewed as friendly to the West. It is any wonder President Kibaki manipulated vote counts to ensure his victory in Kenya? After the fraudulent vote count indicated he had been “re-elected,” within hours he swore himself in and immediately had his victory recognized by the American government! In fairness, it should be noted the US State Department later had second thoughts, particularly since the entire Kenya nation erupted in violence, rapes, murder and thousands driven from their homes.

Western powers believe the mere fact there has been an “election” means one must acept the fact regardless if the process was fair and honest. Of course, when Hamas gained a victory in Palestinian elections, the US refused to recognize the new government leaders and denounced them for opposing democracy! What would have happened if Hamas Prime Minister Haniyeh had been invited for discussions in Washington and accorded respect? Would Hamas have followed the road to violence? No one knows the answer to this question, but, no one has attempted to respect winners who refuse to mouth cliches and platitudes about terrorism and the wonderful war being raged in Iraq.