Flintstones Among Founding Fathers!

This intrepid investigator has examined the original Declaration of Independence and uncovered a secret signature in the lower right hand corner. It turns out that Fred Flintstone was among the original signers of this document. We are pleased to inform all readers of this blog of a story that has remained unknown to the American people. It is now clear that at the Battle of Saratoga, Fred and his handy dinosaur rode into the Redcoats and scattered them which led to victory and prevented the colonies from being divided. The question that has remained unanswered for over two hundred years has an answer. How did the ill clad, poor armed colonists gain independence? It was FRED FLINTSTONE and hid dinosaur battle group that turned the tide!!

This proves why the Tea Party of America and Republicans must be restored to power. A new Pew Research Center report indicates that over fifty percent of Republicans do NOT believe in the infamous theory of evolution! Back in 2009 about 54% did believe, but after five years of Barack Obama as president, most now understand the truth of God creating the universe, creating man and woman and all the insects on this planet!

As Mike Huckabee puts it: “A person either believes that God created this process or that it was an accident and that it just happened.”

God, why my bad back??