Flintstones DID Live!

I inhabit the great state of Missouri which is committed to the proposition that students in school should engage in critical thinking, should be exposed to all points of view and should understand the Flintstones and their buddy Barney Rubble DID exist a few thousand years ago. My wonderful state legislature is discussing the importance of exposing Missouri students to the Creation concept of how long has the Earth been around. Legislators want students to discuss whether this so-called “scientific” idea the Earth is about a billion years old is actually true. After all, the Bible says it is only ten thousand years in existence.

Just remember it was only ten thousand years ago the dinosaurs inhabited this planet and ice other such animals wandered our forests. Students have a Right to hear and discuss all points of view, this is the American way of thinking.

I have contacted my state legislator and requested since she believes in exposing students to all points of view then I expect Missouri students to learn about the ideas of Osama bin Laden and other such people. I expect Missouri students to learn both sides of the abortion debate. After all, in Missouri we listen to ALL views!