Flintstones Happy For Texas School Board

I just received a communication from the Flintstones which indicated their joy at news the Texas State School Board is now headed by a former biology teacher who does not believe in the crazy theory of evolution. Can you really believe there are people in America who think the Earth was formed millions of years ago. How can that be? The Flintstones and friends like Barney Rubble have ridden dinosaurs for years and they knew how to write thousands of years ago when the Earth was formed. For some reason this guy, Darwin has fooled millions into believing the Earth has been around for all those millions and millions of years. Let’s look at the record:

1. God created Adam and Eve and all the animals and life forms about 10,000 years ago.

2. He had to help we Earth people after the Flood and so he got those animals on the ark with Noah and that’s why we have all the life forms on this planet. Thank you, Mr. Noah.

3. I suspect the next thing LIBERALS will be teaching our children is that the Flintstones did not speak English!

We have to keep Christ in our schools. We have to prevent atheists and Evolutionists from brain washing children with their weird anti-Christian views on life.