Flintstones Were Our Ancestors!

I understand there are people in America who do not realize that my grandparents were the original Flintstones. My ancestors rode on the back of dinosaurs and played bowling using the heads of saber toothed tigers. I am very pleased that the Oklahoma Education Commission is working to ensure that American children are taught the reality about their heritage. They now require teachers to offer the “other side of evolution” and teach the truth about this planet. It has only been around about 10,000 years and was created in one week by the Big Guy up in the sky.

From now on, no more foolishness about the fantasy of “global warning”or a chemical origin to life, teach the other side which is the side of truth. Of course, since I believe that 1 plus 1 =3, it is only fair that children in Oklahoma be taught my version of mathematics. After all, children need to learn all sides rather than be brain washed into believing what they learn in math. Imagine teaching children that 3 plus 3= 6!