Flog Them For Being A Woman

There are some islands in the Indian Ocean which have rather interesting laws that pertain to females. A 15 year old girl was raped by her step-father so, naturally, authorities arrested the girl because she had sex with her step-father. In this quaint little land, a man assaults a woman and, naturally, the victim is the criminal and the criminal is the victim. Finally, after millions throughout the world signed a petition the 100 lashes due to be administered to the girl was voided. The girl, who was charged with “fornication” will hopefully be placed in another family situation rather than return to dear old step-dad. It is estimated that one in three of women, aged 15-49 are abused at some point in their lives by male relatives or neighbors.

There is something sad when members of an important religion in this world allow males to dominate and abuse women. This attitude was not that of the religion’s founder. How can those who believe in love and justice administer such horrors upon women?