Florida Stands Ground Of Stupidity

It is now clear that the state of Florida has decided if you wan to live in this state, always go around armed and fire away at the first insult someone directs towards your presence. In any civilized society the actions of Michael Dunn would have been termed an act of murder, but due to the infamous Stand Your Ground law, if you THINK someone is a threat to you, then it is OK to murder that person. This is the case:

1. Michael Dunn pulled into a gas station with his girl friend.
2. A car filled with four black boys was parked and they were listening to music.
3. Michael told them to lower the sound of the music.
4. They did not lower it sufficiently.
5. Michael then fired nine shots and killed Jordan Davis, claiming the boy had directed a shotgun at him.
6. Michael then drove away, had pizza, and then went to bed.
7. The next day he contacted a friend and the police were involved.
8. No shotgun ever found.
9. Coroner said Davis was in the back seat and never charged Dunn.

A mistrial.