Flying Saucers Sighted!

I am old enough to recall the good old days when people gazed with anxiety at the sky as flying saucers zoomed above. For some reason, our extraterrestrial folk only wanted to go to the state of Arizona, I gather they came from warm planets and they were rather short and looked like illegal immigrants from Mexico. Six former members of Congress who were unable to arrive at a budget plan decided to hold hearings in order to discuss our alien neighbors. Stanton Friedman informed the meeting that a “flying saucer crashed and was retrieved by the government.” Life forms in this saucer have been kept in a secret room for over half a century while wars and famine rage on the planet.

I now understand why Congress is unable to reach a compromise on the budget. They have to get clearance from the alien government which is still debating whether or not to remain  on this planet. I suggest if they really are “intelligent life forms”they should be racing to the nearest saucer and heading to where there truly are “intelligent life forms.” It is beyond belief that Republican life exists on other planets in this universe. Alien, go Home. Now!