FM Kouchner Warns Of Israel Strike At Iran

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told an Israel newspaper he was convinced Israel would attack Iran if if obtained nuclear weapons. “I honestly don’t believe(a nuclear weapon) will give any immunity to Iran. First, because you(Israel) will hit them before. And this is the danger, Israel has always said it will not wait for the bomb to be ready. I think that (the Iranians) know. Everyone knows.” However, the French minister did not rule out the possibility that diplomacy could avoid such a tragic outcome. He hope sanctions might have an impact on Iran although there is no evidence such threats are succeeding in slowing down Iran’s nuclear development plans.

Kouchner stated bluntly that “Iran with an atomic bomb is unacceptable at all.” Foreign Minister Kouchner might be right about an Israel attack, but he underestimates the Iranian response. It could fire hundreds of missiles at Israel creating widespread problems. It could unleash a new wave of suicide bombers. The answer lies in diplomacy, not threats and not war.