FM Lieberman – The Mouth That Roars Nonsense!

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman made his first round of European nations in an effort to sell leaders on the idea they must support Israel regardless of what his government seeks to achieve. German lawmakers were extremely disappointed in the presentation made by the Israel foreign minister. Werner Hoyer, a German foreign policy expert, concluded “Lieberman sees us Europeans as a pile of cowards.” In his meeting with German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Lieberman was told that Israel must abide by past agreements concerning the West Bank and the recognition of a Palestinian state. After the meeting, Hoyer told Berliner Zeitung that he saw “no noticeable outlook for a secure Israel future.”

Foreign policy expert Gert Weisskirchen said Lieberman focused on the need to contain Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas rather than dealing with the need to create an independent Palestinian state. In discussions with European leaders, Lieberman insists on dealing with the past rather than the present future. He, like too many Israelis, uses past failures as justification for inaction today. The status quo does not ensure peace for the Israeli people anymore than it does for Arabs.