Fonseka-Modern Dreyfus In Sri Lanka

The long and bloody civil war in Sri Lanka is over, but the government which won the battle due to efforts by General Sarath Fonseka is still determined to exact revenge on those who oppose its growing dictatorial rule. After fighting ended, General Fonseka did something that was deemed criminal- he entered his name on the list of those running for president. He was arrested while giving a speech and charged with treason among other crimes because he was campaigning while still in uniform. Fonseka was given a court martial, stripped of his medals and placed in jail. The real reason for these actions were his charges of corruption in government and claims that during closing days of the civil war, President Rajapaksa order the execution of Tamil rebels who wanted to surrender.

The end of a long civil war requires efforts by the winning side to reach out to rebels in order to ensure them the past is the past and there is need for a new future in which all are citizens of the nation of Sri Lanka. It is unfortunate that voice uttering those words is now in jail. It is doubly sad the man who led a successful effort to win the war is in prison.