Food On Mind Of Women Says Research

In a recent article printed in the Irish Independent newspaper, a research study revealed women think about food more than sex. According to the study, 60% of women do not feel comfortable eating when with their partner nor do they feel comfortable undressing before that person. Apparently, women think about food every thirty minutes, but when it comes to thinking about sex, that is much more of a delayed thought in their minds. Food is a major concern of modern women. Unlike women in the past who thought about food because they were hungry or starving, modern women think about food because of fear they may eat too much and thus create problems with their partner-male or female, that is. They even eat fewer calories when going out with their partner than when alone.

So, what does this say about modern men and women? Those in modern economic societies eat too damn much food and have too much less sex. Poor people think about food because they fear starvation, modern folk think about food because they fear a big butt. Perhaps, each year, women in modern economic societies should switch places with women who barely get enough to eat.