Food Prices Rising

A new spectre is haunting the world, the spectre of rising food prices which impact the lives of billions of people who increasingly are unable to keep economic pace with the higher cost of eating. According to the UN Food &Agriculture Organization, world wide changes in weather, changes in eating habits, and shift to using products that historically were sold as food to being sold as energy sources means there is less food available for people and this has resulted in a fundamental shift in the cost of eating. As income levels rise throughout the world, people change their eating to higher protein foods and more and more head for McDonald’s rather than consuming their normal food diet. Experts have noted there is a constant rise in commodity prices even among foods that are not heavily traded. The issue is not competition on stock markets which lead to higher food prices, but shift by people in what they eat and how much they eat. In America, latest figures indicate that about 305 of the population is obese. Obesity is a bigger issue than ever before among inhabitants of the world.

We need more food being raised. We need to end dependence on current energy resources. We need to cook our own food instead of hitting fast food places to consume high calorie stuff. Bigger tummies mean less food for all.