Football Money Worth Some Sex

Penn State is still reeling from revelations that its former football assistant coach is being charged with  sexual misconduct with young boys and its famous Coach Joe Paterno has been fired for not doing his job to report crimes. In America, the accused is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Jerry Sandusky, the accused coach, has been talking to members of the media about what happened and each time his description of events is heard, the jury moves closer and closer toa  guilty verdict.

Sorry Jerry, an adult male does NOT shower with teen age boys. Sorry Jerry, an adult does not engage with “horseplay” in which he rolls on the shower room floor with a boy and then concludes the experience with a few flips of the towel at the anatomy of the youth. Who are these people?

The bottom line is that this story has nothing to do with sex, it has to do with the power of football money which can keep mouths shut. I have always admired Joe Paterno, but sorry Joe, it is time for you to go.  Your first duty as a coach was to protect children, not protect your employees.

I also wonder at the lawyer hired by Sandusky, Joe Amendola, who believes it is in the best interest of his client to shoot off his mouth and describe escapades with boys in shower rooms! Say, it ain’t so, Joe!