Football Stars Immune From Prosecution!

Anyone who has ever taught in a small town high school in rural America quickly learns that its football team is free from any interference in mistakes made by star players. They are inviolate from the ordinary laws of American society. Two years ago in the town of Maryvile in Missouri, Daisy Coleman claimed to be raped by a seventeen year old boy acquaintance. Nodaway County Prosecutor Robert Rice did listen to her complaint but quickly dropped felony charges. Ms.Coleman was piled with alchohol, raped and then dumped on the family’s front porch in freezing temperatures. Rice insists the family would not cooperate and thus the end of any charges of rape.

The fifteen year old boy claims that sex was consensual. Ms. Coleman not only had the rape charge dropped but was the victim of harassment by other students resulting in her family leaving town. The boy admitted to having sex. I assume the issue whether a fourteen year old girl is legally allowed to have sex with a teenage boy.

Such is life in small town America. Just be on the football team.