For MB, That Was Then, Now Is Now!

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood spent almost half a century on the outside gazing through the window loaded with goods like being in power and living off the fat of the land, and now that the Brotherhood is inside the restaurant it only makes sense to enjoy the fruits of power. Mohamed El-Beltagui, argues since the Muslim Brotherhood “paved the way for a revolution, ” they have a right to celebrate controlling Parliament and all the goodies that go along with running a government.

As thousands protested the massacre at the soccer match and blamed the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces(SCAF) for its failure in preventing bloodshed, dozens of MB volunteers blocked the way of those who actually began the revolution because they wanted their people to make decisions, not some mob of protesters.

Alas, it was just a  few months ago the Muslim Brotherhood was linking arms with protesters and demanding democracy. Today, they demand obedience. Will there eventually be protesters in Tahrir Square protesting against the MB? Time will tell.