For Some, No Gay Time In Sochi!

Turn on your TV and witness the sight of young men and women performing incredible acts of athletic ability and smiling with joy at the conclusion of their performance. Watch them hug one another, men hugging and kissing while women embrace one another with love. These acts of gay love are all permitted because adults are engaged in sporting events, but if these same people acted in the same way after the Sochi games, they might be beaten up, sent to a police station and perhaps wind up in jail. After all, this is Vladimir Putin territory and in HIS land, such activities violate the “gay propaganda law.”

Today, if one departs from the Sochi games area, and walks down an alley in Sochi, you will come to a door, knock on it, a man will inquire your reason for knocking and, perhaps, you will be allowed to enter a gay bar in the city of Sochi. Roman Kochagov, its owner would tell any American, “we just want Western journalists to leave us alone.” If one owns a gay establishment in Russia, the last thing one desires is fame. Andrei Ozurney was in a taxi, dropped off his two female companions, and then was subjected to a fury of anti-gay comments by the driver. He was assaulted and when he reported it to police, they simply shrugged it off.

Next time, Mr. Ozurney should become an athlete and hug, kiss and make love to a man in public.