Fore Skin Away?

European economies are in a state of collapse. There is rising unemployment and people are marching in cities demanding action. However, in Germany, important issues are being confronted–what should or should not happen to a boy’s foreskin?? A Cologne Regional Court ruled in May that the traditional circumcision rite of Jews and Muslims is illegal because cutting the fore skin without specific permission of the baby violates the rights of babies. First, you cut my penis, then what are you going to cut?

Chancellor Angela Merkel has critical economic issues on her mind, but must now deal with the fore skin issue.The German Professional Association of Pedatricians has ruled circumcision is a “form of bodily harm.” Oy veh, you mean for 81 years I have been tortured because you took off part of my penis??

We have been cutting off the foreskin for over 2,000 years and NOW you tell me it is a form of bodily harm!!