Foreign Journalists Abducted In Somalia

The entry of Ethiopian troops into Somalia at the end of 2006 helped to destabilize a nation that already was in a form of chaos. The Christian Ethiopian forces invaded with the encouragement and support of US naval and air units because President Bush was determined to crush a Somalia Islamist government. In the midst of chaos and confusion, rebel forces constantly kidnap foreign journalists in order to obtain ransom money. A few days ago, three foreign journalists who were on their way to examine refugee camps were abducted and their families are awaiting new of the ransom amount. All the Somalia Interior Ministry can report is they know the men have been captured.

Even as the abductions were taking place, fierce fighting broke out in the port of Kismayo where Islamist forces actually captured a part of the city and held it for days. Perhaps, it is time to once again undo Bush mistakes and have the African Union organize a coalition government whose initial task will be removing foreign Ethiopian forces from the country. Bush always claims he sends troops into crush terrorism, and, invariably, their entry increases terrorist forces.