Foreigner’s Police Make Life Difficult For Foreigners

A reportr fo the Prague Post recently accmpanied a friend who came abroad to the Foriegner’s Police headquarters in Pragu. The collegue set down her child for a moment to get something and the child was accidentally pushed causing her to cry. A police officer came over to her friend and threatened if she ever again brought a child to this section of the police, he would report her case to social services and have the child taken away. According to the reporter: “If you’re a foreigner trying to do the right thing in the Czech Republic, you know this story already or some variation of it. It’s part of a larger pattern that makes it hard to believe this country isn’t pursuing a deliberate strategy of making foriengers feel as unwelcome as possible.” For example, a local Czech Republic citizen can get an annual parking permit for 700Kc($43.80) but it costs a foreigner 36,000Kc.

The Czech Republic attitude toward the Roma minority is well known but apparently hostility to those deemed to be “foreigners” extends to many other people. This is a sad commentary on a nation that has endured so much in the past seventy years of its existence.