Forever Afghanistan, Forever

I sometimes wonder if there ever was a time or moment in which American soldiers were not fighting some place in the world, and especially in Afghanistan. In a WWII film, “A Walk In The Sun,” a soldier mumbles throughout the film, “1980, we will be fighting in Tibet.” He was not too far off, 2014, we will be fighting in Afghanistan. Secretary of State John Kerry has been engaged for God knows how long with Afghan President Hamid Karzai in a discussion about whether or not American soldiers will still be in Afghanistan in 2014 or 2017 or 2030. My main concern is ensuring to our brave men in arms they are guaranteed to have access to McDonald’s in the 2030s. The deal beng worked out by Kerry and Karzai is termed the”Bilateral Security Agreement.” It allows US soldiers to remain in Afghanistan in order to train Afghan soldiers.

Under the agreement American soldiers are not allowed to conduct any operations unless “otherwise mutually agreed.’ In English this means no American drones, and no Americans entering a village without specific authorization by the Afghan government. My question: Why are we begging to allow ourselves to get killed??