Forever And A Day-Obamacare

Republican leaders reacted violently to President Obama’s comment that it was “time to move on” to some other topics in America, perhaps our crumbling infrastructure or our need to re-educate workers for 21st century jobs or a few issues in the Ukraine or the Middle East. House Republican whip Kevin McCarthy violently disagrees with such ideas because, “Republicans can not nor will not accept the law.” I imagine that in 2040 the main issue for the Republican party will be getting rid of “that law.” At this moment in time, America ranks about 25th in life expectancy because we have this fantastic free enterprise system of health care that has left fifty million with the Emergency Room doctor as their doctor of record.

In a sense Republican refusal to address the health needs of Americans is simply a symbolic example of their refusal to confront any issue other than the nonstop-We cannot reduce taxes because the job creators will …. they never do explain what the job creators will do if taxes are raised. Go to Russia with their money?

Latest figure is that EIGHT MILLION HAVE SIGNED UP. I expect that within the coming months Death Panels will be formed to begin the process of getting rid of excess folk in order to lower health care costs. Oh well, 2040, and we will still be fighting the battle of health care.