Forever And A Day

We Americans enjoy being involved in wars. We have a  war on crime, a war on drugs, a war on terror and we have a daily war on being obese. Fortunately for those who enjoy wars that can never end we do have a law called the National Defense Authorization Act which allows the government in pursuit of its war on terrorism to detain people that it deems to be “terrorists.” They can be arrested, placed in jail and kept there until the “war on terror” concludes. Oh, that means an American who the government decides is a “terrorist” can be sent to prison -INDEFINITELY since the war on terror will never end anymore than the war on crime or the war on drugs will conclude.

Congressman Adam Smith introduced a bill that would require if an American is charged with being a “terrorist” that he/she would be entitled to a trial by a jury. It lost, 220 to 216. I must admit to feeling safe knowing there are Americans in prison who were never charged with a crime nor given a trial. I assume this is the America that our Founding Fathers fought for.