Forget Those In Hunger

Ah, the Christmas season, a time to reflect on the words and deeds of Jesus Christ. You know, that blond haired blue eyed Jew who was born in Israel about two thousand years ago. As we all know, courtesy of the Tea Party and its wonderful organization known as the Republican Party, he came to protect the interest of those with wealth. He had a vision in which rich merchants and farmers were granted special entry into heaven because they were job creators. The recent agreement between Democratic and Republican leaders on the budget resulted in ending unemployment benefits to over one million American citizens. Ironically, extension of these benefits began under the regime of noted radical leader, George Bush, who actually thought it was difficult in these days to find a job. The mantra of Tea Party folk is that if taxes are not reduced on Job Creators they will cease working and our economy will collapse.

The average person collecting these benefits obtains about $300 a week to put food on the table. If they want to eat, why not get a job picking strawberries out in California? This would allow them to pick up a few peaches along the way that fell to ground. Oh well, it is Xmas time and they always have the option of rambling through garbage cans.