Forget Wall Street, It’s The Prostitutes We Must Halt!

Republican Congressman Chris Smith is one of those conservatives who believes “the government” should keep its hands off our business community. OK, so Goldman Sachs and a few other such firms made some money, but it was done the all American way by ripping off our citizens. Mr. Smith is now in Washington, but his heart will always be concerned about the health and security of those who fight for this nation. He is particularly concerned, not about health care or financial issues, but about bars near military bases in South Korea. “I am greatly concerned that these bars may not be regulated as closely as necessary to ensure that women are not being abused.” Government regulation of business violates our Constitution, but government regulation of bars protects our nation.

I will never figure out the Republican Party or the Tea Party. They have a heart attack if anyone proposes supervising banks, but when it comes to protecting women in bars, they are all heart. Of course, we should protect women against being abused, but doesn’t that same right extend to Americans who are being abused by banks and lack of health care?