Forgotten Memories

There are words spoken, actions promised, that appeared exciting, but as time passes, so do our memories of those words.

Forgotten Memories

Barack Obama promising to end violation of civil rights of those accused of terrorist crimes.

The Statue of Liberty welcoming ALL immigrants.

Republicans forgetting their party under Richard Nixon sponsored universal health care.

Words of Ben Franklin about saving.

Promising our children a better world.

Promises to WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans they would have unlimited free medical career for their lifetime.

Sarah Palin urging, “drill, baby, drill” to cheers of Republicans.

George Bush assuring one and all there were WMD in Iraq.

Dick Cheney deriding un-American critics after seeking 4 draft deferments to remain out of war in Vietnam.

LeBron James promising Cleveland fans he wanted to remain in Cleveland.

Larry Summers assuring America the economy would be back in order within a year.