Forgotten People

There are so many conflicts occurring each day, and literally each hour, around the world that it is rather easy to ignore the plight of opporessed people in a far away land. TheRohingya are Muslims who entered what is now Burma(Myanmar) over a hundred years ago. They formed communities in this Buddhist land and apparently were able to live in peace. However, militant Buddhists over the past several years have launched attacks on their neighbors and now about 200,000 Rohingya people are living in Bangladesh. There is something ironic about the people of Burma who finally forced their military to end its dictatorship and now persecute their neighbors! A Rohingya told a member of the media that “we are afraid to live in our country. In the past we could move freely from one village to another, from our home to a neighbor’s house. Now it is strictly forbidden.”

The government of Myanmar is quite open about its desire to rid their country of these Muslims. Since 1984 Myanmar has made illegal for a Rohingya family to have more than two children. In recent riots hundreds have been killed and an estimated 180,000 forced to flee.

I believe there is a woman in Myanmar who has gained world wide praise for her fight to bring democracy to her land. What was her name again? Why has she not taken up the cause of the Rohingya people????