Forgotten People

The brave men who led the American government in 2003 sent young men and women into battle and within a few days after the collapse of the regime of Saddam Hussein they encouraged the military to hire local Iraqis who would serve the cause of freedom as interpreters of drivers or staff. Never for a moment was any thought of what it means to work for foreigners in your own nation when there are rebel forces bent on killing anyone who was a collaborator with the infidel enemy. American troops have  left Iraq, and shortly American and  NATO forces will soon leave the weary land of Afghanistan. But, what do they leave behind?

Thousands of Afghans, like thousands of Iraqis, worked for the occupiers and soon they will be left alone in their own land. For many, who hate the West, these men and women have no protection against the violence that will emerge. It is important for the United States to immediately offer visas to anyone who worked for the US armed forces. If they do not get a visa, then Death awaits, not only them, but their families!