Forgotten Tragedy Of Somalia

The world is concerned with a financial crisis, angry words are exchanged between the United States and Russia and the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan has worsened relations between Pakistan and its supposed allies. But, it is the rare newspaper which will mention anything about the turmoil in Somalia whose inhabitants enter still another decade of violence and brutality. At least 29 civilians were killed and more than 60 wounded in fresh mortar exchanges in the nation’s capital city of Mogadishu. Muslim insurgents clashed with African Union troops and fighting escalated when insurgents tried to close down the city’s airport. Reports are confused as to whether insurgent or government forces did which killing. Of course, to the dead it is irrelevant who killed them.

It is clear that artillery shells killed many people and these undoubtedly were fired by government forces. Somalia had enough chaos until President Bush urged an Ethiopian invasion of the Muslim nation. At present, insurgents are fighting against African Union, Somalian, and Ethiopian troops. In the meantime, civilians try their best to continue living.