Forgotten War In Philippines

In the mind of George Bush he invented the war against fundamentalist Muslims, but the reality is such wars have been going on for years before he ever became president. The southern province of the Philippines is heavily Muslim and for decades the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MLF) has been fighting the government in an effort to create a separate Muslim state in the southern region of the nation. The Filipino government finally reached an agreement to carve out such a state but the Supreme Court suspended the agreement. The result was war and conflict which caused over a half million people to flee for their lives.

It has now been found that many of the refugees were placed in evacuation centers that lacked basic necessities and adequate facilities causing the death of about 123 people. The lack of water has been terrible and it has led to cases of diarrheoa which caused many children to die. As always in these cases, ignoring prejudice and bigotry causes people to take up arms and then it is very difficult controlling the war that was spawned.