Former Ghana Leader Blames Bush And Blair

In a wide ranging interview with a Nigerian news agency, former Ghana President Jerry Rawlings blamed the flawed policies of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush for creating current problems impacting the African continent. “The crisis in Africa is a consequence of the damage the world has suffered during the leadership of Britain’s Tony Blair and America’s George Bush.” Rawlings claimed the invasion of Iraq in 2003 had undermined “international political morality and the judicial consciousness of the public.” He said he had told world leaders a years ago, “that soon we would see the consequences in about three and five year’s time, particularly in Africa. Today, I have been proved right.”

Rawlings argues the invasion of Iraq “undermined fundamental ethical values” and demonstrated that power could do as it wished. He urged President Yar’Adula of Nigeria to use the vast power of his country to help create a sense of stability in Africa.

Rawlings also admitted his own behavior shortly after taking power in his country resulted in unfortunate decisions such as the execution of key military leaders. He insisted that was not his desire but the rank and file of the Ghana army wanted revenge against many of their officers and he was forced to allow executions.

There is a logic in what Rawlings says about the war in Iraq undermining the rule of law. However, it is doubtful if rulers like Robert Mugabe have ever been impacted by the war in Iraq since their own thrust for power predated that invasion.