Four Caballeros Terrorists Prove Cheney Right??

Having nothing better to do with my life, I spent a few hours watching Fox News and listening to the former vice president discuss the state of the world. The capture of four terrorists who planned on blowing up synagogues in the Bronx and shooting down an airplane has aroused the right wing media because they claim this plot is proof the Cheney-Bush administration was on the right course in protecting America against terrorism. I noticed everyone on these programs displays a concerned look and mentions America quite a few times in a sentence. I listened to one show in which this nice lady said the fact these men developed their plans while in jail proves Cheney is right that we should not release the Guantanamo prisoners.

I am a bit slow on the up take at times. Let’s see, the men while in jail made their terrorist plan so the solution to dealing with terrorists is to put them in jail where they can develop plans of terrorism? Or, is the solution, free everyone from jail so they won’t have any place to get together to make terrorist plans?

As I read about these “terrorists” they come across as a modern version of the Keystone Cops who bumbled their way through life. I also read in the Times about a Pentagon study which reveals one in seven terrorists who are released return to terrorism. Actually, that rate of crime is much lower than release of normal people released from jail. It could be read that six out of seven terrorists released from jail did NOT engage in terrorism.

To be honest, I though Dick Cheney had died a few years ago since no one heard a word from him, but these days you will find him on a stage giving his speech about terrorism and how he, with some minor assistance from the guy who was called, “president,” saved America from terrorism. Is he now a candidate for president in 2012?